Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Birthday Preparations

Next friday it is my daughter Molly's fifth birthday. On a previous post I showed you the invitations I made. These were given out to her friends with great joy. We had lots of positive comments about the invitations. Today I was home with my girls because they have this terrible cold that seems to be getting everyone in Barham. In my spare time, when I wasn't getting drinks of water or more tissues, I started to think about Molly's party. She wanted a dress up card party. Both of my girls love Stampin'Up. They are always keen to join in and make cards. Molly wants to make cards with her friends as activity at her party. Anyway I have come up with a couple of simple cards I think they could make. These cards were inspired by Pinterest. This is an amazing site but I warn you that it is addictive and time wasting. So now back to the cards - here they are -
Card 1
Card 2
So anyway I could have been slack and claimed one of these as my cards for tonight, but alas, I am committed to this a card a day for a year. Now I only have 355 to go. This is the card for tonight. I hope you like it. Remember to spread the news about my blog. Hopefully I can inspire some of you to get into stamping and card making.
Cheers until tomorrow, Nicky


  1. Hello its your blog groupie here haha. I had a big smile when I read that Molly wants to make cards as an activity at her party. How beautiful is that! It reminded me of Shelli's daughter talking about Stampin Up! being bigger than 'just us'. I look forward to seeing/reading how the party plans unfold. :) Fi