Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Card 2

They say the first three days of trying something new are the hardest. This may be so with dieting but it hasn't been the case so far with my effort to make a card every day for the next year. Only 363 cards to go. I actually find myself distracted during the day thinking about what card I am going to make that evening when I get home from work. I suppose it is all the excitement from attending the Stampin Up Convention that is fuelling this new found drive to get right back into card making. Well here is my effort for today. It is a simple design. I love this stamp set titled Avairy. I got the idea to stamp on the First Edition Specialty paper at the convention. I decided to go for the more natural look. I have used a crumb cake base and a black card to frame the newsprint. I chose the colour red because I was thinking of my sister Jane and this is her favourite colour. This card brings back memories of my childhood. Jane loved birds and dad made her an aviary. She had a collection of birds and had success breeding budgies.My daughter Molly has a budgie and every afternoon when we come home it welcomes us with a whistle. The idea to use the strings and ribbons together was also something we were shown at convention.I hope you like this card. I know I do. Cheers Nicky

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  1. Well I have learnt something new in both of your posts. I bet you didn't know that I too have a sister called Jane, spelt the same as yours. I think we may have more in common than we originally thought. And I love love love this card Nicky. You are inspiring me to start my own project. I have some fantastic 'creative/handmade' books and blogs. They may keep us both inspired. :) xo