Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Last night I was sitting at my iMac working away on my blog when I got a text message from my sister Jane. I looked at my phone to see that she had actually sent this photo of her cat. She the continued to ask me "Do you think my cat is fat?" Not wanting to be rude and hurt her feelings, I replied with, "no he is just poofy". After a laugh about this I told my sister to check out this blog because I had spoken about her in my last post. Any way after some chatter, she suggested that her cat Finnigan (fat cat) could be the inspiration for my next card. This left me pondering what could I do in relation to this. At first I was tempted to make a card with lots of cupcakes in shades of brown. After a look at my stamps I discovered that there was a little cat stamp in the new stamp set I purchased in Momento Mall at the Stampin Up Convention. So I decided to use my postage stamp punch and some coordinating cherry cobbler card stock and designer series paper to create the following card. It is a very simple design. It would be a good card for beginning stampers to make. So now my new dilemma is what am I going to do with these 365 cards when I make them all. Should I start a journal now with all my cards in it ? I'm not really sure what I am going to do, but one thing I know for sure is that sometimes it is hard to part with cards. I get attached to them and this is silly really. After all how many cards do I need? If I asked the question "How many stamps do I need?", of course the answer would be as many as possible. On this note I'd better go. I want to work on my new advent calendar. I should hopefully have some photos soon. I have included some photos of the flower and box that were the make and takes from convention. Cheers Nicky

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  1. Hello Nik, I am one of your most current, newest Bloggees to really enjoy your BLOG! And for Jane's cat, it's beautiful, cuddly and yes, not only fat but so fuddly-cuddly...I want him! My daughter-in-law in Sydney has a similar looking cat, her's is a RagDoll, is Jane's? Keva's is not that large YET! Love the Blog, love the Stampin Up gear you made and LOVE the cat one....Keva would love to receive cards from me with that design, where can I get one???? Must away, I need my beauty sleep, ha ha ha! I need sleep zzzzzzzzzz more than anything.....I hate this cold weather....think the electric blanket needs to go on my bed, TWO feather doona's are just not enough....and NO, no man in my bed! Bye Nik, DEB xx P.S. Catch up soon, on our trip to the Princess Grace Collection xx