Thursday, August 30, 2012

Card 87

A quick post tonight. I have got some school work to do. My card tonight is made from the new in colour Raspberry Ripple. It features a flower made with the five petal punch. I was inspired by a similar card I saw in the latest issue of Impressions. Let me know what you think. Cheers Nick

Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Project 86

I have just made a little gift bag tonight. I have used the fancy favour die and the apothecary framelits to make this gift bag. I have used the floral district designer series paper and the new gumball green in colour card stock. I really like this green colour. It has a bit of depth to it and it complements a lot of the other colours in the Stampin' Up range. This bag features the new buttons that will be available in the new catalogue. It is just a simple idea for a little gift. Enjoy. Cheers Nicky

Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Card 85

Not much to really report tonight. It was just another busy day at work. However I must mention the lovely weather we had today. We sat outside with the sun on our backs at lunch time. You can really feel it starting to warm up. The baby goats are all learning to jump. It is funny to watch them prancing around. They have started to do the pouncing thing. They all seem to be doing well. I feel sorry for their mothers. I think the five kids will soon be up to mischief.
I have used the delicate doilies stamp set on tonight's card. I have also used the new in colour Primrose Petals. I got my idea from the new Stampin' Up catalogue. I hope you like it. Cheers Nicky

Monday, August 27, 2012

Card 84

A quick card tonight. I wanted to try out my new snowflake die for the Bigshot so I made this very simple card. I have used the silver glimmer paper to make the snowflake and the new framelits to make the banner. I know it is hard to think about Christmas at the moment. I think I will start to design cards and not leave it all to the last minute.
A historical day here in Barham. They lifted the bridge over the Murray river to let the P.S. Adelaide through. The river is really high and the paddle steamer is making its way to Mildura to celebrate the centenary of P.S. Melbourne. It was great to see all the school kids and members of the community out to watch this historic event. That is my excitement for the day. I'm going to do some school work now. Cheers Nicky

Sunday, August 26, 2012

Project 83

It has been a busy day with the new Stampin' Up catalogue launch. Everything went really well and everyone involved had a great day. Juliana deserves a lot of praise for all her hard work. The cards and projects that she designed were really lovely. She had people using a range of new products and trying out new techniques. It really was an enjoyable day. I must thank Glenice for her gift. She gave me some biscuits in a really cute owl bag. Here it is :
What a cute idea for a little gift bag.
Tonight I have made a box for some bibs I purchased. I have decorated and arrange the bibs in the box I made. This is a gift for a friend who had just had a little girl named Indigo Mae. I also made a matching gift bag for the gift. I think it is really effective.
Finally I said that I would keep you posted on what is happening with the new baby goats. Here is a photo of Cleo and her baby girls. The other photo is of Snowbelle and Primrose's baby boys. They are all so cute.

Saturday, August 25, 2012

Project 82

I had another lovely day at home baking in the kitchen. I was making some things for the Stampin' Up catalogue launch tomorrow. I made an orange poppy seed cake with orange syrup and a rhubarb crumble slice. I also made some more lemon crinkle cookies. I have bagged these up with a topper I made. These are a pressie for all our guest tomorrow. I was busy doing these and I thought I'd share a photo of these tonight.
More exciting new on the home front with the birth of our final kid. Late this afternoon Cleo had a little girl. She looks just like the little boys that were born on Monday afternoon. Laurie had to help Cleo with the birth. The poor thing didn't know what was going on. I am anxious to go and check on them so I am going to do that now. I will let you know how the catalogue launch goes tomorrow. Good Evening. Cheers Nicky

Friday, August 24, 2012

Project 81

Another day at home with sick kids. Molly has been so unwell with a cold this week. Elly has also been home with a cold and fever. I am hoping that they will both soon pick up. It is hard because it is so cold outside and I just don't want them going out into the cold. I spent some time this afternoon playing around with my new Perfectly Preserved Stamp set and the Cannery Framelits that go with this stamp set. I had some fun. I made lots of gift tags. I have packaged them up to sell on my market stall. I think they look great. I used the pages from an old book and the new in colour stamp pads. I had a bit of fun.
A busy day tomorrow. I am doing some cooking for the new Stampin' Up catalogue launch on sunday. It should be a good day. Lots of new products and ideas on display.

Thursday, August 23, 2012

Card 80

A quick card tonight. I must admit I just had a little nap on the couch. I woke up and thought I'd better make a card. I have used some of the new Apothecary accents framelit dies. These are very handy to have in my collection. I am going to use them more and more. Better go. Cheers Nicky

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Card 79

No new births to report tonight. I can only tell you that all the baby goats are doing well. They spent the day out in the paddock. Tonight I have made a card featuring two colours that I don't use very often. I thought I'd try out a few new products. It think it is a cute card. I'm not to sure I really like the colours. Let me know what you think. Cheers Nicky

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Another Surprise

We had a wonderful surprise this morning when we discovered that my goat Missy had kidded during the early hours of the morning. There was much excitement as we all went outside to check out the new baby goat. She is a snow white baby girl. We didn't think Missy would be delivering for a while so it was a nice surprise. Now we are just waiting for Cleo to have her kid. I imagine it should be in the next few weeks. Here is a photo of Missy with her kid.
Today I had a lovely visit from Juliana. She gave me the most fantastic present. It is a doctor's bag for my Bigshot. It was wonderful of Juliana to do this for me. I feel very lucky. She is a great friend and I have really enjoyed getting to know her better since my Stampin' Up addiction began last November. We have been working together for Juliana's Catalogue launch on Sunday. Juliana had to call in to see the new babies. She has been waiting anxiously for their birth too.
Tonight I have mad a simple card to match a gift bag I decorated. This is a present for my niece Nikki. It was her birthday on Sunday so the girls will be delivering the pressie tomorrow. I really like this stamp set and the natural craft coloured paper. Juliana found these doilies today. I love them and will be using them more frequently for my projects.Enjoy your evening. Cheers Nicky

Monday, August 20, 2012

The Arrival

Today one of my goats, Primrose, had triplets. We have been waiting for the new kids to arrive. I thought she would have two, but my girls and I were delighted when a third kid arrived. They are all healthy boys. Mother and kids seem to be doing ok so far, however, this may change because there are only two teats and three babies.Here is a photos of the new family.
I thought you may also like to meet my large black pig, Miss Pig. She had piglets two weeks ago. I took these photos today so you can see what has been happening around St Clements.
Now to the card for tonight. I have used the Freshly Made Sketches design for this card. It features the new Betsy's Blossom Stamp set and the Floral District DS Paper. I like the colour combination. Let me know what you think.

Sunday, August 19, 2012

Card 76

It has been an absolutely busy day. It started early with Molly not being to well. She has a cold and really is miserable. I feel like I have achieved a lot today. I did some cooking. I made these most amazing biscuits called Lemon Crinkle Cookies. I found the recipe online. They won first place in a competition for the best ever cookie competition for LDS living. I think I saw the recipe on pinterest and I printed it out ages ago. So today I tried them and they are amazing, so amazing that I made another batch. I also made some Banana Bread and a variety of salads for dinner. It was a productive day in the kitchen.
Today I took the girls to our local farmer's market. It was an experience because we had to cross the Murray River on a boat because the Barham Bridge was closed for repairs. It was lovely to be out on the water. The river is so full and flowing so fast. We walked around the market. There were some interesting stalls with very tasty goodies. We purchased some things for lunch and came home. I love days at home. Unfortunately I didn't get much school work done. I will have to stay up and do this.
Now to the most important thing - tonight's card. Here it is :
A simple man card tonight. I have used the new Clockworks stamp set and some of the new in colours. It is clean and simple. I think it works. Let me know what you think. Cheers Nicky

Saturday, August 18, 2012

Card 75

Well I have been at this now for 75 nights. I really does keep you focused on making cards when you have an audience to share your work with. I seem to be pre-occupied with Stampin' Up now. No, actually I think it is more of an addiction or obsession. At least it is not a harmful addiction and I get to share something I enjoy.
Today we went on a family day out to Echuca. Elly and I managed to find a shop called Love from Marley. This is a lovely little shop filled with gifts and funky stationary. It is all manufactured and not hand made, however I did find some inspiration. Tonight I have made some simple gift tags like some I saw in this shop today.
I also saw some other things that were a source of inspiration. I am still working on things for the Market Stall. Juliana and I are sharing a stall together, so we have been sharing ideas. Our girls are also very excited about this. Molly just wants to know if she can take the money, whereas Riley wants to make some cards to sell on the stall. It could be quite an interesting experience. I will keep you posted... Cheers Nicky

Friday, August 17, 2012

Card 74

Well it is certainly is raining here. It has been a really cold and miserable day. It has been raining solidly for the last hour. It is going to be very wet under foot tomorrow. As you probably know I love goats and I have three dairy goats. It is a very exciting time as we await for them to kid. My oldest goat, Primrose, is very pregnant. I think she is probably going to have twins. She had twin boys last year. However, I think she is even bigger this time. Perhaps she may have triplets. I keep checking on her. I have put her and the other two goats, Cleo and Missy, in the shed for the night. I was worried about them in the cold and wet. I am also concerned for Primrose if she kids and it is really cold. Anyway we will just keep waiting for the birth and post photos of the new kids when they arrive.
I have used the Betsy's Blossom stamp set again tonight. I like these colour combinations. I think they were a challenge for the Paper Players Challenge. This card is clean and simple. I have also been working on more projects for my market stall. I used the petite pocket die to create these cute envelopes with the new Floral District DSP. I enjoyed making them and I hope someone wants to buy them.
I have lots of ideas of things to make for the market stall. I have been in full production. So many ideas and not enough time. Cheers Nicky

Thursday, August 16, 2012

Project 73

Tonight I am showing some little cards I made a few days ago. I used cream cardstock and a stamp set called circle circus. I love this stamp set and I think it looks great in the new in colours I have used. I must say that the new foam stamp pads are wonderful. You only have to touch the stamp to the stamp pad and it inks up beautifully. You only have to have a light touch. They take some getting to used to but the colours are so vibrant. These new stamp pads are also cheaper. There are quite a number of items that are cheaper in the new catalogue. Not long now to you can all see the new catalogue. Cheers Nicky

Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Card 71

A little card I remodelled. Juliana and I made this card on the weekend. I decided to jazz it up a bit. I think it looks good. Cheers Nicky

Monday, August 13, 2012

Card 70

A quick card tonight. I am running a bit late. I have just returned home from a meeting. I have used two of the new in colours and one of the new dies, framelets and stamps. A clean and simple card. Cheers Nicky

Sunday, August 12, 2012

Project 69

I had a lovely day today with Juliana. We played with all our card making gear while our girls played together. Juliana showed me all her new projects with new items from the catalogue. It was very inspirational. Together we tried out some of the new stamps and papers. We are both in love with the new in colours. I was challenged to make something from the new DSP called Floral District. This paper is challenging to use because it is very bright and has quite large patterns on some pages. Anyway I took up the challenge and created this little card box with a belly band. I also made some small cards for the box that feature the Betsy's Blossom Stamp set. I think it is quite cute. Let me know what you think. Cheers Nicky

Saturday, August 11, 2012

Papaya Collage - Card 68

I was actually really challenged by how I would use this new stamp set called Papaya Collage. After several failed attempts I decided to look at the examples in the catalogue. I copied the example from the catalogue. After doing this I think I now know how I could use this stamp set. I am making cards tomorrow with Juliana. She is keen to get her hands on this stamp set. I will keep you posted about what she comes up with. Cheers Nicky

Friday, August 10, 2012

Card 67

I arrived home from Griffith to be greeted by a lovely box of Stampin' Up products from the new catalogue. My family were also there to meet me. I couldn't wait to get home to unpack my new goodies. I am a bit tired this evening so I really wasn't feeling that creative despite my new goodies. Anyway, I decided to whip up some simple gift cards using my new favourite stamp, Betsy's Blossom.
I'm off to bed now. I will write more tomorrow. Cheers Nicky

Thursday, August 9, 2012

Card 66

Just a quick post tonight because I am away from home. I am in Griffith because I am doing some training for work. Tonight's card features a Mojo Monday design. My mum, Carol said she was going to have a go at this design so I thought I would too. Enjoy.

Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Card 65

I imagine that some of you probably have some favourite stamps. I know I certainly do and the Elizabeth stamp is one of these. Even though it is on the retired list I am not going to say goodbye to this stamp. It was one of the first stamps I decided to buy after seeing the Stampin' Up catalogue for the first time. I feel a bit the same about the colour Poppy Parade. Tonight I have featured both of these Stampin Up products in my card. They are old favourites. I thought I'd also give the paper from the Saleabrations promotion its last chance. I know some people love this paper and are sorry that they can longer buy it. Anyway I suppose we need to get rid of some of the old to make way for the new.

Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Project 64

I have decided that I might have a go at selling my projects at a market. I have been thinking about this for a while. It is regular conversation that Juliana and I always have. Anyway I have decided to take the plunge. I am also having a stall at a fete at my nephew and niece's school in November. With all this in mind I started to make a list of items I could make to sell. The first thing I was keen to try were some simple gift tags. Here they are:
I think they have turned out ok. I love this recycled look and hopefully other people will too. Cheers Nicky

Monday, August 6, 2012

Project 63

It is hard to believe that I am up to post number 63. It really had been a learning experience that I have enjoyed. It really does give you a purpose to stamp something every day. Tonight I have done a couple more notebooks and had a go at making a flower with the blossom punch. It was my first attempt at a flower with this punch. I think I need more practise. Anyway I enjoyed the challenge.
I am waiting for my next order to arrive. I have preordered some of the new products from the new catalogue. I can't wait to have these new goodies in my hands. Hopefully I will be able to spend time on the weekend creating projects with them. I hate waiting for things. Better go and do the next job. Cheers Nicky

Sunday, August 5, 2012

Card 62

It was great to have a rest after our big day in Melbourne. I think I was asleep not long after my head hit the pillow. It was such a big day with a lot to take in. We saw some of the great new products from the new catalogues. The demonstrators had made some interesting new products. I took lots of photos and I am keen to try and recreate some of the things I saw.
Today I completed another of the make and take projects from the regional event in Melbourne. It is a little card box with little gift cards. It features the new Clockworks stamp set we got yesterday.
My card tonight is a card for a friend who recently had a little girl. I love the colours pink and green together. My girls wore these colours a lot when they were little. I did some hand colouring on the stamped image. I used the Elegant Lines embossing folder. I think it is quite cute.

Saturday, August 4, 2012

Stampin Up Regional in Melbourne

I have just got home from spending a day at regional conventions in Melbourne. It was a great trip and I had great company. We travelled down to the Melbourne Convention Centre to join in the Stampin' Up fun. I saw lots of great designs and learnt some new techniques. I am worn out from all the travel. I will just show you the notebook cover I made in the make and take sessions. I'll fill you in on more details tomorrow. Cheers Nicky

Thursday, August 2, 2012

Card 60

A quick card tonight. I have had a very busy day and a meeting after work. My brain is feeling a bit tired. My card is really simple tonight. It features one of my favourite stamps, Faith in Nature. This stamp set is retiring so you had better snap it up if you want it.
Make sure you check out the retirements lists. Lots of bargains. I'm going to be away tomorrow night so I may not do a post. I am going to the regional Stampin' Up event in Melbourne on Saturday. Hopefully I will see lots of new things. I will share some of my photos with you. Cheers Nicky

Wednesday, August 1, 2012

An exciting day

Today Stampin' Up released the Retirement lists for stamps and accessories. There are a whole range of products that are going to be retired, so it is a great time to buy some discounted items. It is also the last time you will be able to buy some products because they will be discontinued. There are some good deals on DSP, textured paper and ink pads. Some of the stamp sets are reduced. It is worth going to the Stampin' Up website and clicking on the link to view the retirement lists. You can also contact me and I can email them to you. If you need to view the latest catalogue, just let me know and I can get one to you. So take the time to check out what is going and how you can save money.
The new annual catalogue was also made available to Stampin' Up demonstrators today. There are some exciting new products coming. Now is the perfect time to book a party and gain the hostess benefits. You get $50 to spend if you have $300 in sales. There are even better benefits when you reach higher levels in sales.If you feel like having a party or workshop contact me.
Keep watching my blog to find out about new classes. I plan to run some classes over the next few months. I am keen to run christmas classes. So if you want to have more information email me and I will send you a class schedule.
Tonight I have just done a few more of those little notebooks. I have used the owl punch. I love this punch and really enjoyed making these cute little owls. Let me know what you think. Cheers Nicky