Saturday, August 18, 2012

Card 75

Well I have been at this now for 75 nights. I really does keep you focused on making cards when you have an audience to share your work with. I seem to be pre-occupied with Stampin' Up now. No, actually I think it is more of an addiction or obsession. At least it is not a harmful addiction and I get to share something I enjoy.
Today we went on a family day out to Echuca. Elly and I managed to find a shop called Love from Marley. This is a lovely little shop filled with gifts and funky stationary. It is all manufactured and not hand made, however I did find some inspiration. Tonight I have made some simple gift tags like some I saw in this shop today.
I also saw some other things that were a source of inspiration. I am still working on things for the Market Stall. Juliana and I are sharing a stall together, so we have been sharing ideas. Our girls are also very excited about this. Molly just wants to know if she can take the money, whereas Riley wants to make some cards to sell on the stall. It could be quite an interesting experience. I will keep you posted... Cheers Nicky

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