Sunday, October 7, 2012

Card 125

I have made this cute card tonight for a colleague at work and his wife who have just had their first baby. I got a cute red and pink outfit from Rhubarb. All I have to do now is decorate the gift bag.
I said that I would upload some photos of my veggie garden and my baby goats.So here goes :
These are my veggie patches. Molly is standing next to my new veggie bins. I have planted them out since I took this photo this morning.
This is Primrose and her three boys.
This is Molly trying to catch Snowbelle. Snowbelle is Missy's kid. In the background is Cleo and her kid Alice.
This Elly with Cleo and her kid Alice.
I have added some other photos of the piglets and our dogs. Tess is the bloodhound and Peg is the Bull Mastiff. There is also Molly with our meat chickens we are raising to eat.I hope you enjoyed looking at the photos. Cheers Nicky

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