Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Projects 120 and 121

I must admit I was very slack last night. I shouldn't have sat down. I should have kept going then I wouldn't have fallen asleep. I do believe the key to getting everything done is to stay busy and not sit down. I haven't really achieved everything I wanted to do these holidays. I had a big list of jobs to get done around the house and I haven't done many of them. However I do feel rested and rejuvenated and ready to tackle another term.
I have three things to show you tonight. I have covered some more of the composition notebooks I got from Officeworks. Here they are:
I think they look great. They would make a great gift for someone who appreciates home made gifts. I also wrapped some cakes of soap I purchased when I has in Melbourne. I used some brown wrapping paper I had. I embossed the paper first. It looks really effective. I added a simple oval shaped tag and some cloth string.Another simple but effective gift idea. Cheers Nicky

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