Saturday, October 6, 2012

Projects 123 and 124

We had a really cold and wet day up here today. Winter revisited us. Hopefully it was only for today. The rain was great for my new vegie garden. Hopefully a warm day tomorrow will make my new seedlings grow. I want to venture out tomorrow to work on my new vegie bins. I will take some photos so you can see how things are going. I must also take some photos of my baby goats so you can all see how much they have grown. I have to make some signs to advertise my little girl goats. They need to find new homes. I don't have enough feed in the paddock to keep them all.
Now to stamping I suppose. I have done some new notebooks. They are really like big cards I suppose. I am really happy with my designs tonight. I had a go at using the paper piercing tool and guides. It was a bit tricky. I found I needed to use a sticky note to keep the piercing mat in place. I think I will get better at it with more practise. Cheers Nicky

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