Monday, November 12, 2012

Time to finally blog

Well things have been very busy here. I haven't lived up to my goal of a card a day. I have been busy with so many other things. I will update you on what has been happening. First of all I have been preparing for my stall at a fete in Melbourne. Here is a picture of my stall.
It was a a good day. I sold a some of my creations. Here is a photo of one of the soaps I covered and stamped.
For cup day I made a hat for our cup day lunch. I won a bottle of champagne. Here is Molly modelling the hat.
Finally Laurie has undertaken some share farming. He is growing pumpkins. Here are some photos of the action so far.
Better go things to do. I will update you with some more news tomorrow. Cheers Nicky

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